Spine Surgery FAQs

Spine Surgery FAQs

There’s sometimes fear and anxiety amid talk of spine surgery, but this is often due to misinformation. The truth of the matter is that spine surgery techniques and equipment have advanced to be less invasive, and more successful, than ever before.

SPINE/RX is committed to keeping our patients in the know. If you have questions about spine conditions and spine surgery procedures, you’ve come to the right place.

When is spine surgery necessary?

Spine surgery might be necessary when the vertebral bones or discs in your spine become so weak or damaged that medication, rest, physical therapy or other non-surgical treatments do not relieve your pain. The decision factor for our patients is whether or not the pain or motor function loss caused by injury or spinal condition is inhibiting their ability to live normal, happy lives.

Your surgeon will have an in-depth conversation about the risks and benefits of any recommended procedure or surgery.

When pain or disability due to a spine condition becomes too great, patients turn to SPINE/RX for minimally-invasive surgery. We work to relieve your pain quickly, with minimal scarring and shorter recovery periods.