Spine/RX™ Brings Modern Spine Surgery Solutions to Hoboken, New Jersey

by SpineRX / February 11th, 2019
SpineRX™ Brings Modern Spine Surgery Solutions to Hoboken, New Jersey

SPINE/RX, a modern spine surgery practice, has opened its doors to the North Jersey area to provide relief for those suffering from neck, back, and other spine-related pain. Led by one of New Jersey’s top spine surgeons, Dr. James W. Dwyer, SPINE/RX offers patients a full spectrum of modern surgical options for treating spine conditions.

SPINE/RX champions the use of modern, minimally-invasive spine surgery procedures that can often be completed same-day, meaning no overnight hospital stay. Shorter recovery times can help get patients back on their feet and living their lives, fast.

Advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques have made spine surgery less scary than it used to be, offering patients a solution that is far less intensive than traditional spine fusions. Part of the SPINE/RX mission is to educate patients who are hesitant to try spine surgery, many of whom fear the solution will be worse than the problem.

“Many people are living with spine-related pain needlessly” explains Dr. Dwyer, a pioneering spine doctor who was the first surgeon in New Jersey to perform many of the modern spine surgeries offered at SPINE/RX. “For everyone who comes to SPINE/RX, our goal is the same. We want to use the most minimally-invasive procedure, to achieve the most definitive results. I’m proud to join an organization like SPINE/RX that shares my dedication to the advancement of orthopedic spine surgery, and values the well-being of patients above all else.”

Dr. Dwyer is a distinguished orthopedic spine surgeon, board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Among his many credentials and accomplishments in the field, Dr. Dwyer performed the first artificial L4-L5 disc replacement surgery in New Jersey and has served as the director of spine surgery at Jersey City Medical Center, assistant clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at New Jersey Medical School – UMDNJ, and director of the New Jersey Spine Institute. Though proud of his accomplishments and credentials, he describes himself as a caring and competent surgeon, who holds the health and safety of his patients in the highest regard.

SPINE/RX is conveniently located in Hoboken, New Jersey - serving patients in nearby Bayonne, Union City, Jersey City, Newark and the greater Hudson and Essex County region. The facility’s location includes easy access from major roadways, PATH, trains and buses.

Patients visit SPINE/RX for a wide variety of spine-related pain, including conditions like sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, and many others. To learn more, visit spinerx.com, or call 201-596-3735 today.

SPINE/RX™ is a modern spine practice, offering minimally-invasive spine surgery and neck and back specialist care. Led by Dr. James Dwyer, one of NJ's top orthopedic spine surgeons, SPINE/RX provides award-winning "Best Doctor" spine care to patients in Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, Bayonne, Union City and throughout Northern New Jersey. Our back and neck pain specialists offer treatments for spasms, nerve pain, sciatica, slipped disc and more. Stop living in pain. Contact SPINE/RX!

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