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Modern Spine Surgery in NJ

At Spine/RX, we understand spine pain. It can keep you from moving, working, playing…living. Our patients suffer from acute or chronic spine pain, and are searching for the best surgical options from leading medical providers. For every patient, the goal is the same: to use the most minimally-invasive procedure, to achieve the most definitive results.

Modern spine surgery solutions allow for smaller incisions, decreased recovery time and less overall pain. Our center provides state-of-the-art surgical care so you can get neck and back pain relief. Stop living with pain and contact Spine/RX today.

See the Difference
See the Difference

Spine/RX was created to leverage state-of-the-art technology and modern surgical techniques to achieve more definitive results for our patients. Spine surgery isn’t what it used to be, and we invite you to see the difference for yourself.

Get Neck & Back Pain Relief
Get Neck & Back Pain Relief

If neck or back pain caused by a spine condition is keeping you from living your life, Spine/RX is the place for you. Our advanced surgical techniques relieve pain with minimal recovery to get you back on track, fast.

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The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
St. Mary Medical Center
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Our surgical solutions are precisely designed to target spine pain through laser and other modern technologies. Spine/RX procedures are often completed same-day, are less invasive, and have shorter recovery periods. We offer a full spectrum of modern surgical options to relieve neck and back pain, regardless of your condition.

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Motion Preservation<br />Surgery
Motion Preservation
Spine Regeneration<br />Techniques
Spine Regeneration
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Thank you for making me a healthy, pain-free person. -

“Thank you for making me a healthy, pain-free person.”

The surgeon is the best of the best and has passion for his work. -

“The surgeon is the best of the best and has passion for his work.”

I wouldn&#8217;t dream of going anywhere else. -

“I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”


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